Welcome to the ICCIT 2020 Camera Ready Submission Portal

  1. Please use the Authentication Code for your accepted paper to upload your camera-ready paper’s IEEE compliant PDF file and the Electronic Copyright Form submission.
  2. Your Authentication Code has been sent to your email. To prepare the IEEE compliant PDF please see the guideline here.
  3. If you have multiple accepted papers, you need to use the corresponding authentication code for each of your accepted paper ID.
  4. You can upload your IEEE compliant PDF file as many times as you want until the camera-ready submission remains open (Check the website here for important dates). However, your previous file will be replaced by your new upload.
  5. If you are a corresponding author in the EasyChair paper submission and have not received any authentication code, please send an email to bappy.ict@aust.edu
  6. For any other issues, contact iccit2020@aust.edu

If you have not submitted the camera-ready version of your paper and/or the Electronic Copyright Form (eCF) yet, please submit by the 20th Nov 2020. Please remember, this is a firm deadline.

The submission system will be closed at 11.59. P.M. BST on 20th Nov 2020.

Camera Ready Paper and eCF Submission is closed.